Saturday, 5 September 2009

pos do you eat em? hell yeah, allllll the time!

i hadn't listened to this album in probably 5 years but right now at least i think it's one of my favourites for real. one reason i guess is that i got it in 8th grade on a german exchange program; i think i'd just heard can i kick it and really liked it, so when we had a big trip in to koln (cologne) there was a huge record store called saturn. i went with my friend tom and some others, but at the time we were all into grungy rock music like nirvana and shit so when i got this tom was sort of uhh ok about it. but i listened to it everywhere we went so now all my memories of that trip are soundtracked by this. the cd case got chipped up in my bag and also melted with a chocolate bar, so in all the little grooves i think there's still chocolate in it sitting in my room in england.

also listening again now, a lot of the lyrics i had no idea what they meant back then, i just thought some of them were funny, but it's just the right amount of being smart and not taking yourself seriously, kind of like a chilled out wu-tang. even though it's funny, some of the beats and loops almost make me sad and remind me of my childhood. for some reason footprints reminds me of driving around in chicago at night after we got pizza when i was like 9, and after we left a homeless guy was asking for money to get a slice and we all just walked past and i've always remembered that whole episode pretty well (the table covers in the pizza place were checkered red and white) and that song always takes me right there, well to after that just driving around with city lights. that's what the loop sounds like, just city lights reflecting on car windows haha. i didn't really see that in new york because we never drove.

~~~* ALBUM REVIEW - 5 STARS *~~~

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