Friday, 15 January 2010

fallen soldiers

this isn't supposed to be a shoe blog, but they seem to be occupying a significant portion of my brain right now so whatever. here are just 4 of the countless victims to my skateboards over the years, we salute you..

vans rowley classics
truly noteworthy in their age, these shoes have been on an active volcano in iceland and to the bottom of the rapidan river in virginia. they don't make these anymore (?) even though they had been standards since the mid-90s. my favourite thing about them is that because everything is synthetic you can swim in them, perfect for exploring rocky-water areas without worrying about cutting your feet on glass. despite their condition i still sometimes wear these to the store for their comfort. of course they also skate good, but the soles are thin so you will feel every pebble you roll over.

eS avers
no great stories with these shoes, i got them just because they were black, in the store and looked pretty functional, which they were. simple aesthetics and they skated really well, only problem was the toe-cap wasn't particularly durable for a modern skate shoe, still nice though.

vans TNT mid-top
this is the only thing i've ever purchased on staten island except for a subway sandwich. i don't really know what i was thinking when i got these, i think i just missed my red rowleys that i somehow left in a mall. it takes a while to get used to skating shoes this thin, but if you do it a lot it's good because you can feel the board better. i don't skate enough so i need more padding otherwise my feet kill me for the whole day afterwards.

eS avers (brown)
i wasn't kidding when i said i liked the black ones! tried these out again in a stylish new colourway, main difference being these were suede not synthetic. stronger toecap, but the little hood that's supposed to protect the laces failed much more quickly, leading to the age-old problem of ripped laces every 5 seconds. to skate shoe designers, even in suede shoes, the lace protector needs to be the synthetic stuff, then these would have lasted weeks longer for real.

p.s. i caved and ordered the square ones below : (

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