Thursday, 14 January 2010


ok not really, but with skate shoes i try to follow a checklist
-low top
-flat soles
-black top and white sole

recently in desperation, i strayed from my old ways and am already regretting the 60 bucks i dropped on these guys:

here is a list of shoes i should have bought instead

1. Lakai Manchester
i've had 3 different pairs of these before, and they were what i went out intending to buy but the store was out. they're simple, look good and are surprisingly durable.

if i was feeling adventurous, i could have settled for these:

2. Adidas Dennis Busenitz pro shoe
i'm not really sure how to feel about big companies jumping on to the skateboarding bandwagon (nike, reebok etc) when so many good companies have been around for 10 or 20 years now. the last few months it seems a lot of nyc skaters are rocking adidas, just like the year before nikes were everywhere. trends are one thing but these companies don't need it. however, these were pretty eye-catching because they remind me of old sambas/football shoes. not sure how they'd skate, maybe i'd try to keep them for casual.

3. eS square one
i don't know how yellow crept in here but i dig how these look a lot, and they're based on accels which i skated a lot before, i've had like 3 pairs of those so i know how they skate. i also think they look really good, shame pretty much all the shoes i pick only look good with black pants. and they only last like a couple of months.

i realise these shoes and so many others look exactly the same to most people but for me seemingly slight differences can completely make or break it. maybe i could design a shoe? probably not, i bet it's hard as hell. i like those styles though, new trends are trying to turn it into like dress shoes you can skate which is retarded to me, or they go the other way with crazy colours and over-detailed. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION GUYS.

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